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Pegamo North America

Calle Tepeyahualco 26. Colonia La Paz
72160 Puebla. - Mexico

T: +52 (222) 230 1893

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Carretillas Elevadoras

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - España

Delegation Álava
T: 945.285.089
F: 945.285.930

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Delegation Bizkaia
T: 946.009.043
F: 946.009.053

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Delegation Gipuzkoa
T: 943.373.011
F: 943.371.001

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Delegation Valladolid
T: 983.500.964
F: 983.500.971

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Suministro Industrial

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - España

T: 943.491.788
F: 943.371.001

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Maquinaria Especial

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - España

T: 943.373.011

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Technical service and post-sale of forklifts and handling equipment.
At Pegamo Carretillas Elevadoras we offer timely or periodic technical service in Euskadi and Castilla León, communities in which we have modern facilities equipped with cabins for washing and painting.
Our team is formed by qualified mechanics endowed with the latest advances in technology and a specialized customer support team. Factors that allow us to offer a really agile and professional answer to your needs.


Our preventive maintenance contracts are highly valued by the companies that currently rely on us. Since they offer reduced costs in the maintenance of their fleet and the quality service that only a company with more than 35 years in the sector can offer.


  • Decrease of unforeseen stops in the fleet.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs.

  • Increased productivity of machines.

  • Increase in the value of your fleet.


  • Labor and displacement of the SAT.

  • Review of: batteries, reducers, steering, brakes, hydraulics, mast, wheels, engine, electrical installation and transmission.

  • Control and filling of levels.

  • Issue of a certificate of revision, based on the attached form.

During the revisions will not be made the repair or replacement of pieces.
Our staff is obliged to recommend such replacement and / or repair.
These works will only be performed after the corresponding authorization of the responsible person And will be billed at the special rate we have for you.

Do you need technical assistance?