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Pegamo North America

Calle Tepeyahualco 26. Colonia La Paz
72160 Puebla. Puebla - Mexico

T: +52 (222) 230 1893

Carretillas Elevadoras

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - Spain

Delegation Álava
T: 945285089
F: 945285930

Closed now

Delegation Bizkaia
T: 946009043
F: 946009053

Closed now

T: 943373011
F: 943371001

Closed now

Delegation Valladolid
T: 983500964
F: 983500971

Closed now

Suministro Industrial

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - Spain

T: +34 943 491 788
F: +34 943 371 001

Maquinaria Especial

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - Spain

T: 943373011

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We offer calibration services of pressure gauges, hydraulic and electric wrenches and manual torque wrenches.

We perform calibration of equipment and calibration of industrial instruments for the following quantities:

Force and momentum (torque)

Industrial calibration of torque wrenches and screwdrivers in the range of 0.1 Nm to 2,700 Nm.
In hydraulic torque wrenches we can reach 20,000 Nm.
Calibration of force gauges from 100 N to 100 kN for compression and from 10 N to 100 kN for traction.

Pressure and vacuum

Our calibration capacity for relative pressure gauges ranges from -95 kPa (-1 bar) to 140 MPa (1,400 bar). For absolute pressure gauges, our range is from 0.5 kPa (5 mbar) to 260 kPa (2,600 mbar).