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Pegamo North America

Calle Tepeyahualco 26. Colonia La Paz
72160 Puebla. Puebla - Mexico

T: +52 (222) 230 1893

Carretillas Elevadoras

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - Spain

Delegation Álava
T: 945285089
F: 945285930

Delegation Bizkaia
T: 946009043
F: 946009053

T: 943373011
F: 943371001

Delegation Valladolid
T: 983500964
F: 983500971

Suministro Industrial

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - Spain

T: +34 943 491 788
F: +34 943 371 001

Maquinaria Especial

Pol. Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun. Gipuzkoa - Spain

T: 943373011

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  • Replacement of bogies or axles

    Lifting equipment

  • Customer Specific Designs

    Lifting equipment

  • Bogie Drops

    Lifting equipment


Bogie Drops

This equipment is designed as a mobile structure which allows the safe replacement of the bogies or rail vehicles axles. There are two different displacement movements: vertical and horizontal. The horizontal movement crosses the railway tracks direction.

Bogie drops usually have two workstations, the first where the bogie can be disassembled / assembled, and the second one for the bogies in/out movement.

Range of lifting systems:

- Lifting jacks
- Hydraulic scissors

Custom tailored solutions:Different loading capacities

- footbridges
- Low pit depth
- Wide range of rail cars clapping
- With beams and / or full boarded